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  • beaconsmind is a software provider based in Zurich, Switzerland. The company helps in-store retailers digitize their business models. The company uses its software beaconsmind Suite to drive sales, customer loyalty and revenue for clients in brick-and-mortar business.

  • Blickfeld, a Munich-based startup company founded in 2016, develops scanning LiDAR systems and perception software for autonomous-driving cars and other applications.

  • GoodIP is a web-based recommendation platform for patents. Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd, hidden treasures in patent portfolios of corporations, universities and inventors can become visible.

  • iThera Medical has developed the so-called MSOT technology (Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography), a laser-light-enabled imaging modality for medical diagnostics. MSOT allows for the facile, yet precise identification of tumors and inflammatory diseases without the need for invasive procedures

  • Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Motorleaf builds the latest automated greenhouse technologies. Growers gain better capacities to monitor, control and know the future yields of their harvests with their suite of software tools.

  • Recogni¬†develops a vision-oriented artificial intelligence platform for autonomous vehicles, which allows the processing of sensor data from LIDAR, camera and RADAR systems and related perception algorithms¬†in real-time and at low power consumption.
  • VividQ is a software company based in London and Cambridge, UK with world-leading expertise in 3D holography. Their software brings real-time Computer Generated Holography (CGH) to everyday applications in consumer electronics and automotive.

Fund Investments

Past portfolio


  • agrilution provides consumers the unique emotional experience to grow fresh herbs, salads and vegetables in their own home fully automated, all year round. The solution is an ecosystem consisting of a smart kitchen appliance, proprietary seed consumables and an app.

  • consiergO is a Smart Care startup that develops an easy-to-use voice-recognition-based solution for elderly people living home alone.

  • TetraVue is a US-based startup developing a solid-state flash LiDAR. The patented 3D visualization technology of TetraVue meets the growing complex requirements of various industries, ranging from manufacturing, robotics, to virtual and augmented reality applications in gaming and filming.

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