We act as strategic lead or co-investor in early and
growth stage startups

Technology sectors

  • Autonomous Vehicles & Robotics

    Sensors, components & algorithms enhancing safety, efficiency and Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI) in autonomous vehicles and robotics

  • Digital Health Technologies

    Scalable and precise systems and services for personalized healthcare, which are enabled by miniaturization, connectivity and photonic technology

  • VR/AR/XR & New Display Technologies

    Components and solutions enabling VR/AR/XR applications and next-generation display technologies

  • Photonics & Compound Semiconductors

    Lasers and (opto)electronic components for the emission, detection and modulation of light, as well as high-performance electronics (Power, RF), and silicon photonics

  • Smart Farming

    Technologies and solutions improving performance, yield and quality in agricultural production

  • Smart Buildings

    Sensor, connectivity and data analytics solutions enabling next-level IoT services in industry, office and retail (B2B)

Investment criteria

  • Stage

    From early stage to later stage, when we invest, we fully commit to your startup. We prefer Series A as initial investment round, and we stay in the game for the long run. Our investments are not subject to fund lifetime constraints and we aim for common exit strategies such as an IPO.

  • Ticket size

    We believe that entrepreneurial spirit is crucial for the success of early-stage ventures. This is why we seek minority investments only – and keep you in the driver’s seat as a fully responsible entrepreneur. Our ticket sizes range from €500k up to €10mn.

  • Geography

    We focus our investment activities on Europe, North America and Israel. For the right opportunity, we consider to expand our reach outside of our core geographies.

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Get in touch with us and send your pitch deck at In case you are not sure if your business idea fits our investment strategy, please feel free to contact us for further discussion.

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