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We are the venture capital arm of ams OSRAM

Focus beyond ams OSRAM's lighting, sensing and photonics DNA

Investment strategy

We invest in B2B startups with novel technologies and innovative business models with a strategic link to ams OSRAM. We seek to accelerate your growth by leveraging their leading position in the high-tech lighting, photonic as well as sensor industry. Yet, our investment scope goes well beyond pure illumination. Have a look at our focus areas and funding criteria.

  • Stage

    From Early to Growth

  • Ticket size

    €1 mn up to €10 mn

  • Geography

    Europe, North America, Israel

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As ams OSRAM’s corporate VC, we have access to a global network of industrial and technological expertise. With over 110 years of history, we have the ability to serve the full value chain from emitters to integrated sensors and embedded software. ams OSRAM brings unparalleled deep engineering expertise into their industries. OSRAM is a leader in the field of emitting light, ams is a pioneer and leader in sensing and processing light. Their groundbreaking innovations find application in consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare and the industrial world. Combined with the necessary financial firepower, we use this knowledge and unique customer access to your advantage and make it available to you.
  • Technological expertise

    We offer technological support with specific expertise in areas ranging from lasers over LEDs to state-of-the-art optical sensors.

  • Market knowledge

    We have access to ams’ and OSRAM’s in-depth market knowledge and to top-tier players in sectors such as sensing, mobility and infrastructure.

  • Professional competence

    We make our competencies available to your startup. This includes industrialization, professional quality management, support from a strong purchasing department, and management of suppliers or highly experienced IP-experts.

  • Independence

    We operate independently of our parent companies. This independence gives us the flexibility to act fast for our portfolio companies and on investment opportunities.

Companies we've backed


We partner with startups that change the world for the better.

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SiLC provides the first fully integrated FMCW 4D imaging chip – a significant step forward in the quest to make machine vision more like human vision. This achievement is poised to revolutionize the 3D sensor market.


Bolb is a U.S.-based manufacturer of high-performance UV LEDs. Founded in 2014, the team has developed UV-C emitters that combine unrivalled efficiency with small form factor. This combination enables UV LEDs to enter new disinfection and sterilization applications, including mobile uses cases as well as fighting COVID-19.


Recogni develops a vision-oriented artificial intelligence platform for autonomous vehicles, which allows cars to see with greater accurancy in difficult environmental conditions and to perform perception tasks with unprecedented power efficiency.


VividQ is a deep tech software company based in London and Cambridge, UK with world-leading expertise in 3D holography. Their software brings real-time Computer Generated Holography (CGH) to everyday applications in consumer electronics and automotive.


Blickfeld, a Munich-based startup company founded in 2016, develops scanning LiDAR systems and perception software for autonomous-driving cars and other applications.


iThera Medical has developed the so-called MSOT technology (Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography), a laser-light-enabled imaging modality for medical diagnostics. MSOT allows for the facile, yet precise identification of tumors and inflammatory diseases without the need for invasive procedures.


beaconsmind is a software provider based in Zurich, Switzerland; and Munich, Germany. The company helps in-store retailers digitize their business models. As the first iBeacon full-service provider, the company uses its software beaconsmind Suite to drive sales, customer loyalty and revenue for clients in brick-and-mortar business.


GoodIP is a web-based recommendation platform for patents. Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd, hidden treasures in patent portfolios of corporations, universities and inventors can become visible.


Covering all aspects of indoor farming operations, CarbonBook generates highly accurate carbon scores with the ability to identify areas for improvement, and track and report on progress over time.

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We are the corporate venture capital arm of ams OSRAM. Building on their leadership in the lighting, sensing and photonics industry, we seek innovation that goes beyond the mere lighting and sensing context and has the potential to disrupt existing technologies and business models. It is our goal to build partnerships with startups and foster their development through our investments and support.

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